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Macular Degeneration ​steals your sight and your freedom, but you can regain vision lost to this disease. These techniques have helped thousands of others over the past 40 years. You do not need to travel. This program works, but only if you do it. Call us to get the information you need to make the decision to get started. Expect Sight™!


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  • Why supplements alone can never restore your vision. The proof of this has been known for over 50 years.
  • ​How to get the benefits that Oriental Medicine can offer to eye health without paying thousands of acupuncture treatments.
  • ​Thousands have been helped, and it will help you, but only if you do it.
  • ​Call us to get all of your questions answered, and to find out how you can get started, today.
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Graduate Statements

Dolli, Retired RN, CA

"1 am a trained health care professional, and was diagnosed with macular degeneration recently. After attending the 3-day intensive seminar with Damon Miller, M.D. and Grace Halloran, Ph.D., I have been able to improve my sight. The course was one of the most educational and inspirational and helpful programs I have ever attended. I highly recommend this program to anyone facing visual loss from a serious eye disorder."

Pete, CA

"This is a great day and thanks to you Dr. Miller. On Wednesday I received my driver license back. The clerk was very interested seeing that three years ago I could not pass either of the two test they gave me...Just think 5 years ago they told me to go home and go blind (from macular degeneration) and three years ago I lost the driver license because I could not pass the eye test. Now today I can read and drive again."

Rudy, CA

"l have been utilizing Grace Halloran's program for over 5 years, and have gone from functionally blind to reading the newspaper, and riding my bike... This is the only hope and help I have ever had for my long standing fight with Retinitis Pigmentosa."

Josh's Mom, Ohio

"My son was 7 when we first began the training and therapy program offered in the 3-day seminar that Grace Halloran put together. He was diagnosed with Cone-Rod Dystrophy and was unable to see colors or draw within the lines of coloring books.
He now plays little league baseball and is doing very well."

Bill G., TX

"As a former Navy Seal, I was shocked when the doctor tole me that I had Macular
Degeneration and that there was nothing to do about it. When I learned of the
Integrated Visual Healing self-help therapy, I thought, why not, I'll give it a try. After 2 years I have improved and stabilized my visual acuity, and am very pleased with the program."

Roman, Toronto, Canada

"My vision was failing fast. I am 40 and was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration or Stargardt Disease. I have been using the Integrated Visual Healing program since last fall of 2000, and my last doctor's visit showed that my central sight went from 20/70 to 20/40. I am thrilled with this program and follow it to the letter."

Jean, WI

"I have had the complication of glaucoma and macular degeneration. I am so very grateful to Grace and the program she has developed. I know that I have better health overall, and am grateful for the sight I still have."


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