Grace Halloran’s Work

Our work at Better Eye Health would not exist if Grace Halloran, PhD had given up. When her eye doctor told her 40 plus years ago there was nothing she could do for her and her families eye disease, she could have simply agreed. She could have listened and figured all she could do was wait for blindness to set in. She could have. 

Thankfully she took the opposite path. She stepped forward and faced the negative view of her situation, making the world pay attention to the fact that something “could” be done. She worked hard to engage as many practitioners as she could find, from modalities found all over the world. The end result was a robust, dynamic program that has helped thousands regain sight and their lives back. She inspired other practitioners to follow suit and learn from her experience and wisdom. Although she died all too soon, she left a legacy that lives on. 

Below you will find examples of her work and things that she explored in her never ending search for the best therapies and practices to benefit others. We feel honored to be a part of that process, and will continue to follow in her fearless and insightful ways. 

Some articles about Grace Halloran’s work can be found below. (Click on “Read More” to see the article.)