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Retinitis Pigmentosa and the other related cone-rod dystrophies have many different clinical presentations, and just as many different associated genetic abnormalities.

One interesting genetic association is the fact that there are people with defects in the gene that codes for ABCR who appear clinically to have RP. This genetic defect is usually associated with a clinical picture of Stargardt disease, but it can also be present in people with macular degeneration and RP.

This common genetic finding for such different diseases is something that no one can explain. For us, it just demonstrates what we see every day, which is that all of these diseases are more similar than they are different. So if you have RP, and you hear of some amazing breakthrough for people with macular degeneration, pay attention, for it is relevant news for you as well. The Better Eye Health Program has helped people with a variety of degenerative eye challenges.

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