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Macular Degeneration - Alternative Treatments

Discover New Hope If You Have Been Diagnosed With:

Macular Degeneration - Alternative Treatments

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with macular degeneration, or suspect it may causing symptoms, you are not alone. It’s the leading cause of vision loss. You may have been told it cannot be cured. So you may be wondering, is this true?

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Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) affects the retina’s ability to respond to light. It causes a slow loss of vision, starting with decreased night vision and loss of peripheral (side) vision, leading eventually to blindness. You may have been told there is no cure. Fact?… Or fiction?

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Stargardt Disease (SD) refers to a group of inherited disorders that cause the retina to deteriorate. Central vision is lost, while peripheral (side) vision is retained. There is hope if you or your child has been diagnosed with this disorder!

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