Results of the Application of the Method of Transcutaneous Electrostimulation of the Visual System in Ophthalmology

If you have a problem with your optic nerve you’ll be very interested in knowing that the therapies that we use, mostly for the treatment of retinal disease in the United States have proven very effective in treating optic nerve disease. Much of this research has, and continues to come from Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union.
This review article by E.B. Kompaneets was translated by us and shows that microcurrent stimulation therapy using a device developed during the Soviet era has been quite effective in all manner of optic nerve disease, including trauma. We first became aware of these Soviet devices through the orthopedic doctors. (Recall that some of the earliest work in this country on microcurrent stimulation was by the orthopedic surgeon Robert Becker, MD)
In our practice we have had some limited experience working with people with optic nerve disease, especially that caused by glaucoma and indeed we have seen improvements when people apply the therapies in the better eye health program. Grace Halloran PhD included some people with glaucoma in her study from 1997 which we have included in a separate post.

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