How This Pandemic Will Likely End

ORGANICMD PODCAST - EPISODE 45  How This Pandemic Will Likely End

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How This Pandemic Will Likely End
The most likely “end” will come when enough people have immunity that the virus can no longer find hosts to allow it to run through a community. That means that either

  1.  A lot more of us need to get infected, survive and hopefully develop some natural immunity, or
  2. The drug companies do manage to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

Right now, the smart money is on number 1.
Why? Even if a vaccine is developed, it will not be available till at the soonest the fall of 2021, according to the optimistic epidemiologists. The pessimistic scientists say it could take five years, or might never happen. They point out that we have tried in the past to make a vaccine against a coronavirus, as in the SARS-coronavirus 1 epidemic in 2003, and have never succeeded.
So, the point of this whole series of Podcasts on surviving the COVID-19 pandemic is how you make yourself strong enough that if and when you do get infected, your body easily throws off the infection like it is just another cold, and you do not end up in the hospital.
To your health, and Dose Your D3
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