“Help When Blindness Falls on Deaf Ears” Chicago Tribune article on Grace’s work with Usher Syndrome

If you have Usher syndrome, you will find this article interesting. Usher syndrome is a rare disease that affects both the vision and the hearing. The visual challenges are very similar to retinitis pigments, and Grace was asked to see if her program would help people with Usher. I have met some of the local people she helped, and they did have improvements in both their vision
and their hearing. The program was a bit more complex than the program for helping the eyes only, but it was helpful.
Some people at the Illinois School for the Deaf heard about Grace’s work, and invited her to come and work with some of their students. This article from the Chicago Tribune describes her initial visit to the school. Grace did work with the staff there about how to do some of her program with their students, and the feedback they gave her was that the students who did the program improved.

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