The Theory and Practice of Syntonic Phototherapy: A Review

If you’re considering doing the Better Eye Health Program, you’re probably wondering why we are so insistent that you do color therapy. If you have never heard of color therapy you might want to know more about where it comes from and what it does.
This review article by Larry Wallace, OD tells of the history of Syntonics which is the name given to the science and study of color therapy. Dr. Wallace was the person who helped Grace Halloran, Ph.D put together her color therapy program and for this we are forever grateful.
What the article shows:
This article won’t tell you how to build a color therapy machine or how to set up a program for your eyes but it will give you some background and enough information for you to go study more that is your interest. On its own, it is a very nice review article about a therapy that is a critical part of the Better Eye Health Program.

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