Brain Functional Connectivity Network Breakdown and Restoration in Blindness

This article from the noted journal Neurology and the accompanying editorial describe a challenge that Grace Halloran and I have worked with for years. When you do a therapy that improves your vision, there is often additional work needed to get the eye and the brain working together again. If you’re just starting the better eye health Program you won’t have to worry about this until later. We include this article just as a reminder of what the next phase of the work will be for you as you see your vision improve.
What the article describes:
The main article about brain functional conductivity by Bola describes a well-known phenomenon. Namely when any part of the visual pathway is damaged there can be a disconnect between the brain and the eye. The editorial that accompanied this article gets to the issue most important to me. Therapies are needed to restore the proper connection between the brain and the eye as the eye begins to regenerate and heal. What is needed is not the same for all people so we will deal with each person
individually, creating a personalized program for them if this kind of functional therapy is ever needed.
This is an advanced topic and more relevant for people well along in their work in the better eye health treatment program.

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