Nutritional Supplementation, Electrical Stimulation and Age Related Macular Degeneration

This paper from 1993 presents data from clinicians using a program very similar to be program pioneered by Grace Halloran PhD. Leland Michael,O.D. came to California to learn what Grace was doing and it was from her that he learned about the use of microcurrent stimulation. The only unit available in 1993 was the Electro-Acuscope, and that was the unit used in this study. The MicroStim 100 unit was a portable unit derived from the Electro-Acuscope and it is the latest version of this unit that we are using today.

If you're like most people considering the Better Eye Health Program you want to know if the techniques work and if they'll work for you. They work, but only if you do them. We've tried to put up as many studies as we can find that describe the results that we and other practitioners have had. The studies all show that these techniques work and that they are safe.

What this study shows:
15 of the 25 people in this study showed improved vision using only supplements and electrical stimulation. To put this in perspective, the vast body of scientific research that has been published about macular degeneration shows that if you do only supplements, or if you do nothing, you can at best slow the progression of the disease but you never see improvements. It makes findings like the ones shown in this paper even more remarkable.

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