Stargardt Disease

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Stargardt Disease

Sometimes referred to as juvenile macular degeneration, Stargardt also involves progressive central vision loss.

One of the more confusing retinal diseases, we have seen people diagnosed before they were six and others with healthy vision until they are first diagnosed in their mid-40s.

Also confusing is the genetics behind this condition. Often associated with abnormalities on what is called the ABCR gene, but there are people with macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa who also have a genetic defect on the ABCR gene. Please see the tab about genetics low for more information on this.

We also hear a lot of misinformation about recommendations for the use of vitamin A for people with Stargardt. This is an evolving and complex discussion and there is more information under the tab on nutrition below. For now, know that we have seen people with Stargardt gain real improvements in their vision when they do the Better Eye Health Program, so we are confident about our recommendations for type and dosing of vitamin A.

These pages and this website are here to inform you of the things you can do, the history of Stargardt treatments, the science behind it and stories to help give you some hope for your own vision. There is Hope for Sight.

We've tried to organize this material in a logical way. Please browse the tabs on the left and if you have questions please contact us. If you are ready to start program of self-directed treatments that can stop the vision loss and even restore lost vision then you will definitely want to contact us. Thank you.