Our Mission at Better Eye Health

Deep within each of us is an amazing ability to heal.

Over the course of centuries, our bodies have adapted to all sorts of challenges. They experienced climate changes, wild animals and a host of other condition. Our bodies exhibit amazing resilience and tenacity. The drive to survive runs to the core of our being.

You might say that the human body is the ultimate problem solver.

It takes whatever our environment throws at it and tries to work with it. It adapts, adjusts and invents at an amazing speed we sometimes can’t see. With support, the body can recover from illnesses and injuries in miraculous ways.

The key phrase here is WITH SUPPORT. Often we work against our body as it tries to help us! Here at Better Eye Health, we think that’s just crazy!

At Better Eye Health, we witness healings that seem miraculous quite often. We encourage people to make different choices. Changes to their diet, for instance can simply add essential nutrients that were missing. We view each person holistically. After all, there may be many factors contributing to any given problem.

We offer hope for change. Hope that something can be different. And we provide the tools and resources to get you there.

Let’s be clear though.

We do not promise quick fixes – at least not usually. Occasionally a simple change – like stop eating wheat – can have quick and direct results. But it’s not the norm. We take the long view. Some changes simply need time to take effect. It may take a while for your body to adjust, rebuild and heal.

We strive for lasting change.

And to support you in that, we also provide community. Others who can share in the experience with you. People like you who’ve made changes and experienced results. Folks who can encourage you to stick with it a little longer. Community is invaluable. It reminds us that we do not do this alone.

Our mission at Better Eye Health is to bring you the very best information, experiences and encouragement to help you support your eye health. These may include books, posts, magazines, podcasts, videocasts. Whatever we can come up with to help you support your eye health.

Being naturally curious, we’ll explore and ask questions. We’ll add to this site often as we develop our understanding of how we can best support you.

Look here regularly for updates – or better yet subscribe!

Here’s to your better eye health!

In private practice in California since 1995, Dr. Damon Miller is a board-certified medical doctor and certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board with a broad and extensive medical background. However, Dr. Miller does not practice traditional medicine. Instead, he follows a natural, drugless therapy approach to healthcare and his practice is limited to safe, non-surgical medicine.

His general focus is on the treatment of people with chronic, terminal and recurrent illnesses that have not been well-treated by traditional medicine. Using such therapies as acupuncture, Eastern and Western botanical medicine, detoxification, stress management, lifestyle counseling and clinical nutrition, Dr. Miller helps clients of all ages and from all walks of life to heal and live a healthier life.