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Better Eye Health Podcast

Our hope here at Better Eye Health is to provide you with the information and resources you need to preserve and restore your vision. Caring for your eyes and reversing degenerative eye disease takes focus and commitment and it can feel like there is too much information to track. We work constantly to make sure you have what you need. 

Part of the Better Eye Health Program is the weekly conference call with Dr. Miller. It is there that he can answer questions, as well as create a home for everyone to share and receive support. We realized that Dr. Miller shares helpful information and insights on the call, and although you can listen to recordings of the entire conference call afterwards, it is not always easy to find the topics that might interest you.

To make this a little easier we decided to create the Better Eye Health Podcast. These podcasts contain important parts of the lectures, workshops and specific conference call topics that we think will benefit you in your work to strengthen your eyesight. These podcasts are excerpts. Many of them are short, often focusing on just one specific topic from a call. That way you can listen to the topics or ideas that interest you. With each podcast we try to include the transcript as well. 

We have grouped related podcasts into the categories you see below. Click on the category you want to explore below.