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Supplement Descriptions for the Better Eye Health Basic Supplement Protocol

By Damon Miller

​Basic Supplement Protocol for ARMD, RP and Stargardt Disease​Supplements alone will not restore your vision, but an optimal supplement program is essential if you hope to restore vision when taken while doing the other therapies used in the full Better Eye Health Program. ​Buy the Basic Supplement Prototol Here ​Lutein, Sourced from Flora-Glo ​Lutein serves to […]


Using the Better Eye Health Protocol: Minerals – BEH Podcast

By Carlyle Coash

On the next several Better Eye Health Podcasts Dr. Miller will cover the various supplements that are part of the Better Eye Health Protocol. Over the years these items have proven to be extremely effective in the reversal of degenerative eye disease, alongside all of the other components of the program. They work together to support […]