Using the Better Eye Health Protocol: Super DHA – BEH Podcast


On the next several Better Eye Health Podcasts Dr. Miller will cover the various supplements that are part of the Better Eye Health Protocol. Over the years these items have proven to be extremely effective in the reversal of degenerative eye disease, alongside all of the other components of the program. They work together to support overall body health and wellness. 

In this episode the topic is the product Carlson Super DHA. Having high quality oils, especially Omega-3 oils, is crucial for the functioning of so many systems in the body. It supports health and healing, and yet sadly we often are lacking enough of this important substance. It is usually the case that we have more Omega-6 and 9 in our diet, which does not provide the complete package. Also important is to make sure the oils you do eat come from a clean source. The Carlson brand has long strived to make sure their oil is the best. 

As always you will find the link to the Podcast, as well as the full transcript. You can also download a PDF of the transcript down at the bottom the page. Enjoy! 

Using the Better Eye Health Protocol: Super DHA – BEH Podcast