Using the Better Eye Health Protocol: Taurine – BEH Podcast


In several of the Better Eye Health Podcasts Dr. Miller has covered the various supplements that are part of the Better Eye Health Protocol. Over the years these items have proven to be extremely effective in the reversal of degenerative eye disease, alongside all of the other components of the program. They work together to support overall body health and wellness. 

In this episode the topic is the product Taurine by Thorne Research. Taurine is an essential amino acid that we don’t always receive through our food or other nutrition intake. We need it but our body does not produce it naturally. Having a good strong source of it helps, once again, to make sure your body has all it needs to the job of healing and repair. It needs all the building materials otherwise it will make a very poor house. Dr. Miller explores in detail this important supplement and how to absorb it most effectively in your routine. 

As always you will find the link to the Podcast, as well as the full transcript. You can also download a PDF of the transcript down at the bottom the page. Enjoy! 

Using the Better Eye Health Protocol: Taurine – BEH Podcast