About The Better Eye Health Program

You've heard about this program that can help you heal your eyes so you can regain lost vision, and you probably want to know three things:

  • Does the Better Eye Health Program work
  • Will the Better Eye Health Program work for me
  • What does the Better Eye Health Program include, and what will I need to do

Please follow the links below for more information about the Better Eye Health Program. Learn about the different therapies in the program, how the program was developed, and the science behind the program including the peer-reviewed publications supporting the success of this work. Some of the links you will find may require you to register to see the articles. If you are taken to a page saying you need to register, just follow the easy instructions about how to register, and choose the "Free" membership level.  It's free!

(A summary of our program is at the bottom of this page.)

  • for practitioners

Microcurrent Stimulation

Click Here to go to the page with links of interest about Microcurrent Stimulation: Microcurrent Stimulation

Call us before you buy a microcurrent device. The Microstim device we have used for years continues to provide the best results, and excellent results are what you want.
The units we recommend are durable workhorses, and very affordable. They have been proven over decades of use. Other manufacturers have copied them, which is the best complement.  

We have not found that the frequency specific units add any better results, so we continue to use what has worked well for us. Comparing the unit we use side-by-side with the frequency specific units showed no added benefit for our patients. They are good units, but offer nothing extra for the considerable added costs.

What the Better Eye Health Program Includes:

The Better Eye Health Program is designed to support your body so that you can heal the damage caused by degenerative eye diseases. From ancient techniques from Oriental medicine to the use of the modern technology of MicroCurrent Stimulation Therapy, we’ve included everything we’ve found to be of value in over 35 years of work to give your eyes the best chance possible to heal.

The path that has brought the greatest benefit for people is the full Better Eye Health Program. 90% of the people who have done the entire program see real improvements in their vision.

The full Better Eye Health Program includes:

  • Acu-Eye treatments – a form of needle-less acupuncture you learn to do for yourself. The use of the Acu-Eye points gives you the energetic balancing that comes from Oriental Medicine but without the need for expensive and frequent visits to a practitioner.
  • Eye Health Exercises. These exercises concentrate on the eyes, head, neck and shoulders, and work to improve circulation of blood and lymph so your tissues can heal and regenerate.
  • Supplements needed to support regeneration in the eyes. Supplements alone are not sufficient treatment, but you need supplements, and these are the best we have seen.
  • Stress Management techniques. There is no problem you can have that stress will not make worse. Managing and reducing stress is easy, with the methods we give you.
  • Self-treatment with microcurrent stimulation. Did you know that the early work with microcurrent stimulation was used to REGENERATE limbs amputated from research animals? We figured that if this technology can regrow a limb on a mammal, it can help regrow the cells in your eyes. We were right. Regenerate the cells in the retina and people see better.
  • Color Therapy. Very specialized colors that improve circulation of blood and lymph. The part of the program that helps restore night vision and reduce your sensitivity to glare.
  • Full program includes all of the equipment that you need, including a MicroStim 100ile unit and Color Lamp and specialized color filters.
  • Large Print workbook and instructional DVD’s.
  • Participation in the Healthy Eating Workshop and Detoxify Your Body and Home Workshop. These two courses are the newest additions to the BEH program, and occur several times a year as on-line courses.