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Scientific Research

If you’re considering the therapies for Eye Disease that we discuss in this website, we know that a question you might ask yourself is, “Do these things work and will they work for me?”

The work we do at the Better Eye Health Program is rooted in exploration. Grace Halloran, who developed the program spent her life searching, evaluating and testing many different healing traditions and methods to find the best and most effective. She strived to find clinical research and studies that mirrored the results she found in the field with varying degrees of success.

She knew that science would catch up eventually, and it is a main reason why we continue to search and examine new studies as they appear in journals and other scientific publications. She believed, as do we, that the best kind of knowledge continually strives to push understanding and is always open to new frontiers of exploration.

What we tried to do on this page is offer you a central location to find research and peer reviewed articles that we feel look seriously at the topics, methods and possible treatments associated with the approaches we take in the reversal of serious eye disease. We created some basic categories so that these various papers and articles are easier to sift through and digest. As we come across new works, we will add to the growing collection.

As you look through these, please feel free to ask questions. Also if you come across any scientific research you feel is worth adding just let us know and we will look into it. After all this is a joint effort!

You will find links to the different categories below. Enjoy!